This is what we have!

Our fleet and equipment

'Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away'

Our helicopters

In game capture helicopters are essential. They are agile, extremely manoeuvrable and can be used for multiple purposes. Our helicopters are used for mass capture, darting, telemetry, game counts, you name it! We strictly comply to all the regulations as set out by the Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

Our trucks and trailers are specially designed to carry wildlife. Via the ventilation slits the animals will get enough airflow while we drive, but at the same time the animals cannot look outside to prevent stress. Our trucks and trailers have several compartments, which we can close off, or link together when we need to. Inside we have rubber conveyor mats on the floor to keep the animals as comfortable as possible. When transporting animals, we take great care not to place too many animals in one compartment. 

We have the following trucks available: a HINO 500 with 8 compartments, a HINO 700 with 8 compartments and a Scania R500 with 9 compartments. We also have 2 smaller game trailers that we can hook behind a car. Furthermore, we have access to a special giraffe trailer, and elephant transportation crates.